Scientific name: Rhea americana

Habitat: The Greater Rhea is from eastern South America such as Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil; they inhabit open grasslands and even wet grasslands and are the largest bird to be found in South America

Diet: A Rhea’s diet is extremely varied and includes all manner of foods; its main diet is that of broad-leaved foliage (including seeds and fruit) but will also take a fancy to different insects, scorpions and even small birds, reptiles and rodents!

Interesting Facts:

  • Only member of the ratite family to live in South America
  • When running from predators they run in zigzag formation and alternate lifting one wing then another to confuse the predator.
  • The eggs are incubated by their father and can reach full size within 5 months.
  • All parts of a Rhea are usable, native South Americans relied on them for food (both meat and eggs) and for their leather and oil.

The Rhea at Woodbine: Currently at the farm there are 3 stages of Rhea, 18 breeding adults, yearlings and chicks.

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