Scientific Name: Rangifer tarandus

Habitat: Reindeer come from arctic and sub arctic areas in Asia, Europe and North America.

Diet: In their natural habitat reindeer eat lichens, leaves, fungi and herbs. In captivity they are given pellet feed and forage.

Interesting Facts

  • People think reindeer were first domesticated 3,000 years ago and is still the only deer to be tamed.
  • Reindeer are the only species of deer that both male and females have antlers.
  • Wild herds can travel thousands of kilometres to migrate (Which helps them when its time to pull Santa’s sleigh!)

The Reindeer at Woodbine Farm: Woodbine has 5 male reindeer and two female, which were imported from Sweden. You may notice one of the females is a white/grey colour, different to the rest of the heard that are a dark brown. You’ll spot the alpha male as he has the biggest antlers and is bulkier than the others. This year Woodbine has been fortunate enough to have a male calf born this year, he is the smallest of the heard but is growing quickly!

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