At Woodbine there are 4 different breeds of pig; Mangalitsa, Large Black, Oxford Sandy and Black and British Saddlebacks.

Mangalitsa: Mangalitsa are recognised by their curly wiry hair that is blonde, red or black. They originate from Hungary and Austria. Currently at the farm we have 3 females and 1 boar along with some piglets that are growing at a rapid rate!

Large Black: The only all black and rarest breed in Britain. The large Black is a very large docile pig with sows weighing up to 300kg and the boars a whopping 350kg! They are a deep bodied pig with lop ears. Currently at the farm there is a large black female with some piglets from this year.

Oxford Sandy and Black: the Oxford Sandy and Black pig has a very distinctive look, they have a long snout with a rather dish like face, also similar to the Saddleback and Large Black they have lop ears. The meat is of a very high quality and is used for pork’s, hams and bacon. Currently at the farm there is a female adult and her daughter from last years litter.

British Saddleback: British Saddlebacks resulted from breeding Wessex and Essex saddlebacks together. They are a large deep bodied pig with lop ears. They are black in colour with a white band along the saddle and front legs. British saddlebacks can also have white hind feet, nose and tail. Woodbine has an adult female British saddleback, her daughter from last years litter and piglets from this year.

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