Scientific name: Dromaius novaehollandiae

Habitat: Emus live on mainland Australia in nearly all types of habitat apart from dense woodland and heavily populated areas such as cities and large towns.

Diet: An Emus diet is very varied but consists mainly of different fruits and insects; they also eat debris such as small stones to help with the digestion of their food.

Interesting Facts:

  • Second tallest bird in the world at a height of 6 foot 6 inches.
  • Can take a single stride of just over 9 foot
  • Emu are unusual in that they lay their eggs during the winter. The eggs are incubated by the male who sits without food or water for 52 days! Emu can reach full size within 6 months, although they do not start to breed until 24 months
  • Emu’s were vital to the survival of the people of Australia as they are one of the main food sources and the oil from their feathers can be used for fuel.

The Emu at Woodbine: Currently at the farm there are 3 stages of Emu, 6 Breeding adults, the 3 yearlings and the famous 4, (Kevin, Lucky. April and Alice) hatched live on the TV show Easter Eggs Live.

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